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FPM Editor

FPM Editor for Future Pinball 1.9 is a third party standalone software and was entirely build to give to the user freedom of creativity.
Everything, every toys you ever dreamed to see in 3D action are now there for everyone to enjoy!
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Companion Tools for FP

Companion Tools for Future Pinball 1.9 are third party standalone softwares serve to help table designer during the building process.
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Future Pinball is a free pinball simulator created by Christopher "Black" Leathley, helped by the community which have created a lot of great tables.
Unfortunately, Future Pinball only runs on Windows XP and Vista, so I've created FPWine. It's an attempt to install Future Pinball on Linux using Wine.
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Speed Devils FP Table

Speed Devils: the Amiga, PC and console videogame pinball table recreated by LvR&Moog for Future Pinball!
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