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TerryRed on 2020-05-07
Table version : 2.0

Really nat table, and well done updates. Good job guys!

wild on 2020-05-02
Table version : 2.0


Ok, the day has finally come that even this small and simple masterpiece is updated after 5 years.

Many things have been done, and with Bam, it is possible to make what was mostly unthinkable. years ago.

PLEASE, read the info section carefully, you will understand what Bam is capable of achieving.

Ok, correction done,now, my corrected version is available thanks Gimli.

Gimli on 2020-05-02
Table version : 2.0


Use both flippers at same time to make BallyGator nip....special keys are for juke box at the start of each ball

Zorgar on 2016-02-12
Table version : 1.6

Nice zippers. Haven't seen the balligator yet.

LadyScarlett01 on 2015-10-25
Table version : 1.6

merci bien.

TT11 on 2015-10-16
Table version : 1.6

Just discoverred this GEM of a table.  EXCELLENT play/look/physics.  All round excellence!

jef09 on 2015-05-20
Table version : 1.6

Playing these type of tables in FP is just incredible.

Thanks to the fantastic five who have made this possible.

pinballshawn on 2015-05-20
Table version : 1.6

This is a superb release! Feels just like the real deal. The zipper flippers are incredible, great team effort guys!

franzleo on 2015-05-19
Table version : 1.6

Dear Zedster you can make a screen of the exact place and send on the tread. so other people can confront the problem?



Crazy Bonus on 2015-05-18
Table version : 1.6

Happy days Wink

hauntfreaks on 2015-05-17
Table version : 1.6

all you guys knocked this one out of the park!!...
this was a ground breaking project in so many ways, from zipper flippers to the BallaGator, and couldn't have more historic value... again I cant thank everyone enough!!!
i'm proud to have been a minor part... 

Cab owners if you want to assign the BallaGator to a certain button search "Gator" in the script 

fuzzi23 on 2015-05-16
Table version : 1.6

Thank you so much! You guys are amazing!

rjx2 on 2015-05-16
Table version : 1.6

Marvelous table and great sound

momoch on 2015-05-16
Table version : 1.6

A very beautiful and successful recreation with a innovation in FP ("Zipper flippers"). Congratulations and many thanks to all four !

toniporta on 2015-05-16
Table version : 1.6


  thank you very much to all the staff,a brilliant tableCool

BIL on 2015-05-16
Table version : 1.6

Beautiful recreation the"zipper flippers" is great ! Smile
Thank you very much to all four Wink

ghostmachine on 2015-05-16
Table version : 1.6

wow. lots of new tables. cool looking game. Ok just played it, and it plays great, also like the gameroom. I feel like the Fonz. Cool

police99 on 2015-05-16
Table version : 1.6

Merci! beau décor (great gameroom).

Table detail

Nip-It ( Bally 1972) 2.0 stats

byfranzleo homepage , Gimli, hauntfreaks, monnezzas, skinooe, Wild
TypeRecreation (real pinball)
ManufacturerBally Manufacturing Corporation (1931-1983)
IPDB Number1680

This,in memory of a missing friend....thanks you Franzleo(Gianfranco).


ATTENTION PLEASE...two version of this version of Bam....Wild_mode/Gimli_mode.

These 2 versions of Bam have some difference between them, but not with regard to the screenplays of the table, but only some play of light, and some music different, but above all 2 particular differences, that of Gimli, use the "new renderer" for pc powerful, that of wild, without "new rebderer" for low pc.Obviously there will always be the original version of the table,available the version 1.6.

As I said before there are many differences between the two versions,the authors of version 1.6 have made a qualitative leap, with the implementation for the first time "Zipper-Flippers", in an Fp table, but obviously for what Fp could offer at that time.


Now...this table has two particular unique characteristics, it is are:"Zipper-Flippers"and "Balligator"...PLEASE you READ THE INFO SECTION,to understand what they are.


REMEMBER PLEASE....Table version of Bam....... only works precisely the LATEST VERSION OF BAM,which you can download here---->  


Nip-it pinball: Version Fp "1.6" 

*Fp version,with the first version of"Zipper-Flippers".


Nip-it pinball: Version Bam "2.0" 

* Bam version,with real of"Zipper-Flippers"and much more has been added.READ THE INFO SECTION.



* Fp version by:Franzleo_Gimli_Hauntfreaks_Monnezzas_skinooe

* Bam version by:Wild_Gimli


It is not permitted to modify or recreate with other programs without the author's permission.


Ad & FPRelease @ 2006-2013 LvR & TheNalex