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EthanCohen84 on 2018-02-08

A big fan of WipeOut here.

Have to say this table is just PHENOMENAL.

I can't even imagine how much work did you put to make this as polished as it is right now

Thank you guys for all your 


Table detail

Wipeout (DOFLinx Cabinet Edition) stats

byDRAKKO, rom, TerryRed

Flip your way to win the race in my DOFLinx mod of DRAKKO's excellent Wipeout for Future Pinball.


video demonstration of this table in my cabinet can be seen at:



-10 solenoid feedback for flippers, bumpers, slings, kickers, etc

-shaker motor feedback for magnets

-blower fan feedback for speed ramp

-5 RGB flasher animated effects

-RGB under cabinet lighting

-beacon and strobe effects

-coin, start, and launch button leds


The DOFLinx modded tables are intended for use in a virtual pinball cabinet with feedback and lighting, which require DOFLinx software to function.


Requirements / Installation:


Regardless of using this table with force feedback (Pinball Cabinet) or without (Desktop), you MUST install the current DOFLinx.vbs script into your ‘Future PinballScripts’ folder. Running the table without DOFLinx.vbs will cause an error. (FF_INIT)

 DOFLinx.vbs is included with the DOFLinx install package.

 DOFLinx install package download:


The current download of DOFLinx can be found through this post at vpforums:


It is recommended to use this table with BAM (Better Arcade Mode), in order to get the most accurate version of physics intended for this table. Copy the *.fpt and *.xml within this archive to your "Future PinballTables" directory.




DOFLinx - "A powerful utility for cabinet owners to make the most of force feedback and lighting." - by DDH69


This Future Pinball table has DOFLinx commands added to it. This will enable support for pinball cabinet force feedback devices such as flipper solenoids, shaker motor, contactors for drop targets-slingshots-bumpers, FIRE button, lighting effects, blower fan, beacon, strobes and more! This will work with Led-Wiz, Sainsmart USB, PacLed64, and KL25Z.


Cabinet Use:

For cabinet users running DOFLinx: This table will function with the in-game sounds for mechanical devices such as flippers, slingshots, bumpers, etc muted.  Instead, you will only hear your cabinet's feedback devices for those actions. The rest of the game's sounds will play normally as intended by the table author.


Desktop Use:

For desktop users: This table CAN still function normally without DOFLinx running, but you MUST have the DOFLinx.vbs script file in your "scripts" folder.

(read "Requirements / Installation"). It will play perfectly with the original in-game mechanical sounds playing through your PC's speakers.


Note: Any DMDs or HudOverlays intended for desktop use were moved off screen so that they wouldn't appear on the playfield screen.


Night Mode: For cabinet users who want to play at night with their cabinet noise makers turned off, this table can be toggled between Cabinet Use (noisy), and Desktop Use (Night Mode). Please consult the DOFLinx guide (included with the DOFLinx install package) for more information on how to use Night Mode.


We hope you enjoy the DOFLinx cabinet experience!


Ad & FPRelease @ 2006-2013 LvR & TheNalex