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LadyScarlett01 on 2018-02-16
Table version : 2.52

merci bien.

police99 on 2018-02-14
Table version : 2.52


Alfaromeo1972 on 2018-02-13
Table version : 2.52

Besten Dank! Cool

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Dragon's Keep (Maxis) 2.52 stats

byfranzleo homepage , GeorgeH, Wild
TypeRecreation (videogame)

Version 2.52

I fixed the texture on the left flipper.



Version 2.51

Franz Leo and Wild's original table, "Dragon's Keep", is a recreation of a video game.  It uses bright colors and it has sounds like a video game.  I have honestly never been a big fan of video games but this table has some exceptional game play.  So I decided to try making it play a bit more like a normal pinball game.  I changed the color scheme so that it is not quite as bright.  Video games are usually played on a system with poor speakers so the audio tends to be of a lower grade so it doesn't challenge the speakers.  Future Pinball is capable of producing very high quality sound so I replaced the music with a different soundtrack.   I made no changes to the game play.  You can think of the changes I made like a new skin. 


I have become known as a physics man and of course I had to add custom physics to this table.  But I also added what I call a "Sound Level Control Panel" that appears at the beginning of the script.  Franz Leo and Wild originally had a similar function in the script which had two parameters.  I expanded this out to 5 parameters.  So the end user can now make adjustments to the mix of 5 parameters of sound.  I think I have it set correctly but those of you that like to experiment can easily make changes.


Just like the original table, this table requires that you use BAM in order to make the magnet and the virtual room work but also to make the XML file for the custom physics work.  I left the original music files in the Music Manager.  There is also an alternate main theme for the music also.  To change the main theme, just open the music manager and rename the "ThemeMain" and "ThemeMainWithIntro" as something else.  Then rename "ThemeMainAlternate" and "ThemeMainAlternateWithIntro" as "ThemeMain" and "ThemeMainWithIntro". 


I feel like I succeededin making this table play like a normal pinball game but you can decide that for yourselves. 



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