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petryca on 2019-11-24
Table version : 1.5

Does anyone know where the original GORGAR can be downloaded?

devorian on 2019-03-16
Table version : 1.5

Awesome concept. 

stewart1234 on 2019-02-21
Table version : 1.5

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jim2244 on 2018-10-29
Table version : 1.5

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pinball player on 2018-06-25
Table version : 1.5

And the original version? Can you make that? I hope so! Bem lembrado roataguile, ele deve ter tudo da original.

roataguile on 2018-05-19
Table version : 1.5

E a versão original quando vai sair?

radek on 2018-05-19
Table version : 1.5

je to dobrééé...

mamemad on 2018-05-17
Table version : 1.5


police99 on 2018-05-17
Table version : 1.5


fuzzi23 on 2018-05-17
Table version : 1.5

Great! Many thanks. :D

LadyScarlett01 on 2018-05-17
Table version : 1.5

merci bien.

Table detail

Gorgar: Gorgar MEGA 1.5 stats

byflug, SLAMT1LT homepage
TypeRecreation (real pinball)
ManufacturerWilliams Electronic Games, Incorporated, a subsidiary of WMS Ind., Incorporated (1985-1999)
IPDB Number1062

This is based on a slamt1lts ULTIMATE Edition 1.04 of the same table.  Some modes have changed and a new mode was added (along with Targets).  Details in the Information section.

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