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dgroyals on 2021-03-07
Table version : 1.2

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wild on 2021-01-07
Table version : 1.2

Ok,table is available.


EDIT:small forgetfulness....version 1.2 will be replaced, with one that these two codes will be removed, while anyone who wants to can do it himself.

delete lines 167-168,this 2

if keycode = 36 then   AddScore(50000) 'F

if keycode = 37 then    GetTextureOff  'G 



Table detail

World-Cup 1978 1.2 stats

byDarquayle, JP Salas, Wild
TypeRecreation (real pinball)
ManufacturerWilliams Electronics, Incorporated (1967-1985)
IPDB Number2810

This table only works with Bam, and precisely with the LATEST VERSION,make sure you have it installed on your PC.


Please Note: read the info section for more game options.


* Wild: Recreation_build and script

* JPsalas: Author Vpx table

* Darquayle: Table Graphics

Version "1.0" : First Bam version

Version "1.2" : Added Highscore,fix serious bug,some improvements.

* Dynamic Flipper .

* Ball Rolling Sound.

* Dynamic Light.

* Ball Shadow.

* Shadow Maps.

* Custom Ball.


It is not permitted to modify or recreate with other programs without the author's permission.

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