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jamos on 2020-11-01
Table version : 2.10

Nice table glad you got the lights and scoring fixed in 2.10. I will fuirther verify the logic having the original table. I have to say this is rated the best classic em table ever for its features for the time.

I fixed the logic for the bumbers alternating correctly and tweaked a few things like correct lighting and added bumper lights to change when hitting certain rubbers like the real table. Franzleo if you want I can share my table.

japotaku on 2015-06-20
Table version : 2.10

La tabla no es funcional. 
Al querer lanzar la bola, esta no se arroja a la tabla. Favor revisar la fisica de la tabla. 

ghostmachine on 2014-11-23
Table version : 2.10

Manddrakke on 2014-02-12
Table version : 2.10

Change : "Sub ResetForNewPlayerBall(): AddScore(0): End Sub"  to  "Sub ResetForNewPlayerBall(): AddScore(0): CreateNewBall(): End Sub"

bmheyob on 2013-12-31
Table version : 2.10

Is there anyway you can reprogram this table to release the ball automatically?  I do not have access to an "a" key on my cabinet.  I tried to figure it out, but I could not find where the "a" was defined in the script.  Thanks!

deepdrastic on 2013-12-07
Table version : 2.10

help ball comming not plunger :(

TOMCATTERSF14 on 2013-12-01
Table version : 2.10

@Deegee, dude for a while i was getting frustrated because i was going back and forth should i install and keep 2.6 physics or the others or not. But then i made my peace with just leaving the default physics in, since i had so many that plays good on original physics and most are not updated to it.

prg2010br on 2013-11-30
Table version : 2.10

yes, now OK.



open6l on 2013-11-30
Table version : 2.10

Link fixed.

DeeGee on 2013-11-30
Table version : 2.10

Oh hey, wow, a new recreation that's not a physics rebalance or a repackaging. Wink

GeoMan on 2013-11-30
Table version : 2.10

2.10 zip doesn't contain the table file

xgizzle on 2013-03-28
Table version : 2.00

Great table. I use to dislike EM tables until I played this one. For those who cant start the game after the balls load, hit the A key to load ball to the table manually.

ShadzGeeza on 2013-03-20
Table version : 2.00

I have the same problem as coaster, when you start the table all the balls drain out the feeder and the game doesnt start

senhordd on 2013-03-09
Table version : 2.00

amazing recreation, evil monkey doesnt give me lots of score, lol. tnx m8 Cool

rebooter on 2012-10-26
Table version : 2.00

Downloaded, thanks. I'll play a bit and come back to vote.

Coaster on 2012-07-26
Table version : 2.00

It looks good, but cant shoot a ball.takes coin, starts gane but ball doesn't come up.

Thanx for the info.

police99 on 2012-07-24
Table version : 2.00


mt11 on 2012-07-24
Table version : 2.00

This table looks very good and its a lot of fun to play - thank you Margoni & FranzLeo!

@Coaster: After starting a game, you must press the "A"-Key to unlock the ball.

momoch on 2012-07-24
Table version : 2.00

Wow, a very good and nice work ! This recreation is splendid !

Mi piace molto.

Tante grazie, Gianfranco & Angelo


pezima77 on 2012-07-23
Table version : 2.00

no link ??

montra on 2012-07-23
Table version : 2.00

Where s the dowload link ???

BIL on 2012-07-22
Table version : 2.00

Grazie mille Wink

celenoide on 2012-07-22
Table version : 2.00

Muchas gracias!!

didof on 2012-07-22
Table version : 2.00


Table detail

Central Park 2.10 stats

byfranzleo homepage , Margoni, Zorgar
TypeRecreation (real pinball)
ManufacturerD. Gottlieb & Company (1931-1977)
IPDB Number481


Corrected version of Central Park. Scoring and light management now closer to the real table. It's not a mod.


Completly remake.

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