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Table 1.0 Graphic MOD Table 1.0 Graphic MOD stats

CalvinKingston on 2018-09-09
Table version : 1.0

This is so bright and sharp model, I like it so much. And this concept also works perfectly for  so I recommend you to check it out.

6elvis9 on 2013-05-07
Table version : 1.0

Me gustan estas tablas viejas !!! buen trabajo !!!

hogger42 on 2012-12-16
Table version : 1.0

Great recreationSmile

However, the four SCRAMBLE bumpers are passive bumpers not pop bumpers.

Thanks very much for this table.

shadowsclassics on 2012-12-15
Table version : 1.0

Looks really good until I scale it up for cab use.  Any chance you can make a cab version that would look good full screen.  I understand the original scans may not have the quality needed.   It already is a major graphics upgrade, nice work!

police99 on 2012-12-15
Table version : 1.0


rebooter on 2012-12-14
Table version : 1.0

Downloaded, thanks. I'll play a bit and come back to vote.

celenoide on 2012-12-14
Table version : 1.0

muy buena recreacion de los 60's , muchas gracias y felicitaciones!Cool

momoch on 2012-12-14
Table version : 1.0

Thanks a lot for this nice graphic's update !

Table detail

Add-A-Ball - Graphic MOD 1.0 stats

byander, Margoni
TypeRecreation (real pinball)
ManufacturerWilliams Electronic Games, Incorporated, a subsidiary of WMS Ind., Incorporated (1985-1999)
IPDB Number4362

My graphic update of Margoni's cool table.

shadowsclassics: Sorry this isn't a hi-res update; I just did some raster work to brighten & sharpen it (see Info notes here for details). To redo a table for big displays, it must be completely redrawn with vector graphics. I'd love to do that, but don't have the time right now—unless someone actually wants to hire me to do it. ;?)


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