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siperugo on 2018-06-07
Table version : 1.05

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ninjapinball on 2014-11-23
Table version : 1.05

Great work on the table, but as Scrivy mentioned, there are a few issues. Also, it seems to only land on the letters O, H and R on the spinning wheel?


Love all the extra samples. They add a alot. Smile

LadyScarlett01 on 2014-07-22
Table version : 1.05

merci bien.

ghostmachine on 2014-07-15
Table version : 1.05

Cool thanks a bunch. great fun.


kunghi on 2014-02-27
Table version : 1.05

LaughingLove this beautiful Table!
Absolutely gorgeous - keep up the great work guys!!!

benhoa on 2013-12-29
Table version : 1.05

Congratulation!!!!! This table is just awesome. I used to play this pinball when I was a teenager and I have to say this table is really similar to the original one. Thanks guys! you made my day...

scrivy on 2013-09-03
Table version : 1.05

Is anyone else noticing a problem with the gopher bulbs that spell "Gopher" not resetting and turning off in between games?  The ball sometimes stays stuck in the right lower kicker hole,  the popup peg in the right channel next to Pitch'n Put stays up if the mystery multi-ball round occurs first time on the first ball.  This causes all extra balls to be trapped behind it.   If these situations were fixed, I would give this 5 stars.   It is an excellent table.

police99 on 2013-08-15
Table version : 1.05


rebooter on 2013-08-15
Table version : 1.05


gellijack on 2013-08-13
Table version : 1.05

Thanks guys

Table detail

Tee'd Off ULTRA 1.05 stats

byGlxb, Grizz, JP Salas, moogster66, polygame homepage , rehab, SLAMT1LT homepage
TypeRecreation (real pinball)
ManufacturerPremier Technology (1984-1996)
IPDB Number2508

'ULTRA Edition Mod - SLAMT1LT


' - improved lighting

' - improved physics

' - new sounds and music

' - improved gameplay

' - improved cabinet artwork

' - improved apron artwork




' ** Version 1.05 **


' fixed multiball loosing count of balls

' added new quote from CaddyShack (start of Multiball)

' fixed Popup staying up after mystery wheel extra ball win



' ** Version 1.04 **


' multiball more frequent from the Mystery Feature.

' diabled goofer voice during multiball.

' added 10 second ball saver to multiall mode.

' fixed multiball mode sometimes kicking out endless balls.



' ** Version 1.03 **


' added sound for popup post.

' left and right outlane drains are smaller.

' slingshots adjusted to reduce slingshot drain. 

' flipper angle lowered slightly to improve accuracy.

' font size for 'Hurry Up - Extra Ball' smaller.

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