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Mosfekun on 2022-04-19
Table version : 1.02 Physics 2.6

Appreciated! I like the way you're working. 캐나다 비자 온라인 신청

AcaciaJost on 2022-03-11
Table version : 1.02 Physics 2.6

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LeightonPinball on 2021-01-28
Table version : 1.02 Physics 2.6

I just wanna play this game, but Future Pinball keeps crashing. Frown

Sally Acorn on 2018-09-25
Table version : 1.02 Physics 2.6

Please Make The Bride Of Pinbot 2.0 Dutch Pinball Version  Smile


PS.TheDutchPinball has recreated Bride Of Pinbot 2.0 with new features.




LadyScarlett01 on 2018-05-21
Table version : 1.02 Physics 2.6

merci bien.

Phillips on 2017-01-09
Table version : 1.02 Physics 2.6

Hello, i tried all of tables and i'm missing model of Bride and texture under head - on all tables versions, i have everything in Lib folder, nothing is missing and model is not present when i play.

Tried everything, graphics etc. it's only one of 50 tables witch i have problem.


Anyone help?


Thanks in adavance.

greko2009 on 2016-03-17
Table version : 1.02 Physics 2.6

That's a great design, thanks a lot for your efforts.

Played the table and noticed that even though I reached the goal of 4bil points on my last ball, it didn't give me an extra ball. :(


jerry-himself on 2016-01-04
Table version : 1.02 Physics 2.6

hi there, i have a problem with all version, when i launch the ball i got a slamtilt immedialtly, any of you know how to fix that ? thx


jruas on 2015-10-20
Table version : 1.02 Physics 2.6

Great table, thanks! I came across an error while playing (ULTIMATE 1.02):

Pinball Meditation Error

System(?) error: lline 7993

Overflow: 'number'


sisterhood on 2014-04-15
Table version : 1.02 Physics 2.6

extra nice :_D

lpfc on 2014-02-18
Table version : 1.02 Physics 2.6

Sweet table, Thank You! I'm using physics 2.4 on 1.07 and the pin runs perfect/smooth.

benhoa on 2014-01-04
Table version : 1.02 Physics 2.6

Table version : 1.02 Physics 2.6

Nice work... but the "action" is a bit "slow"...

bennko64 on 2013-12-03
Table version : 1.02 Physics 2.6

Excellent lastest table, I do get the feeling that the main designer of this table and cyclone was really into the rave culture of the 90's lol

ricokampin on 2013-11-28
Table version : 1.02 Physics 2.6

awesome table perfect, next time  they should do jackbot to complete the series :)

skyfly on 2013-11-10
Table version : 1.02 Physics 2.6

Great job as usual ! just added a bit more strength to the flippers and to the plunger.

Thanks a lot ! Smile

stevegooner123 on 2013-11-10
Table version : 1.02 Physics 2.6

My god she's aliveeeeee!  Thanks for 2.6 physics update

inframun2 on 2013-10-16
Table version : 1.01

Great Table.

Harder than hell but addictive and fun.


mrandersonneo2001 on 2013-10-05
Table version : 1.01

it looks fantastics, it feels very good, but dont get me wrong, that table not loving me Laughing

great work mates, thank you, respect.

p.s. again, 2.6 physics, if you ask me, maybe little bit to fast, but, nevertheless, i can not go to sleep with this one, is very interesting to look where is the ball Wink

ypapanoel on 2013-08-30
Table version : 1.07

On 1.03 the table bugs when your score is above 1 000 000 000...

i hope it is now solved

Wahnsinniger on 2013-08-20
Table version : 1.07

The GameOver-locked-flipper bug is a race condition with the games internal state machine. You can fix it by replacing the line:


    If (State>9) and (State<21) then 'Start new game




  If (State=10) then 'Start new game


Maybe at some point someone (or I will if I find other stuff to fix) can put up a patch.

Alexander on 2013-07-15
Table version : 1.07


gellijack on 2013-07-01
Table version : 1.07

nice guys ty

james1976 on 2013-05-25
Table version : 1.07

To the guys who are having problems with the Billionaires Club Shot, here's how you do it. First of all, you must complete 3 phases of the face (1. The mouth; 2. The eye sockets; 3. Both balls in the machine face in multiball) If you did these steps, you have the human face as the fourth phase (The Metamophosis). In multiball, if you get the first ball in the human face, you'll increase the Bride's pulse and earn 250,000 points. Now this is where the challenge and luck begins with the second ball: if you manage to get the second ball in the human face like you did to the machine face without losing, it'll activate the big wheel. It'll randomly give you 1,000,000 to 50,000,000 or a Special Award, to a shot for 1,000,000,000! That's where the Bride's heart will flash "1 Billion When Lit" and if you can get the ball in the heart ramp (The center ramp) and it must trigger, you'll earn a billion points, and you'll be a Billionaire's Club Member! But there's a catch: If you lose ONE of the TWO balls while in the Metamorphosis, the Bride will go back to the mouth phase or eye phase, depends on what version you got; and 'stinks to be you', you'll have to start it over! I made the billion point shot once on the 1.7 version, and it was tough! LOL Cool

Rendclaw on 2013-04-11
Table version : 1.07

Is there a way to take out the one way launch gate? I could do it in 1.03, but not in subsequent versions.

KnightChatX on 2013-04-11
Table version : 1.07

Great table but still has a number of bugs, like when it says Game Over and it goes quiet and you press Start, it loads 1 ball, then you shoot ball and find flippers don't work and you can't play after that and must close and reload and start table.

Not sure about the press P for power thing, I just load the table and click Play Table and play like normal.


I also noticed the ramp seems alot harder to shoot ball up than when I played the actual pinball table, which I think might be due to the ramp's slight steeper angle which is hard to notice, but when you do get ball up ramp it is often hard enough that it shoots past the robots head alot, which didn't happen as often when iI played the real table, but it might be related to how the actual table legs are adjusted and floor angle on real table, dunno.

It definately looks like and lights up like the real table though.


mesones on 2013-01-29
Table version : 1.07

Smile Great table from Williams , please for when PinBot table 1986?

rebooter on 2013-01-29
Table version : 1.07


massico88 on 2013-01-29
Table version : 1.07

Very cool update.

Thank you very much !!

power_lord on 2013-01-10
Table version : 1.05

A real classic !!! Very good !!!   Smile

Thank you !!!

ninjapinball on 2012-12-17
Table version : 1.05

@pilky still seems to throw a wobbly! i've noticed it's after being awarded credits it goes wrong. i'll try reinstalling.

Thanks pilky Smile

pilky on 2012-12-16
Table version : 1.05

@ninjapinball try deleting the fp ram for this table and see if it still happens if so try reinstalling table

and a tip for all users with a low end pc trying run these tables try lowering the resolution to 800x600 for a frame rate advance in rendering options



mortuus on 2012-12-15
Table version : 1.05

Thx super great table

CRAIG D on 2012-12-14
Table version : 1.05

Very nice.


Wade007 on 2012-12-14
Table version : 1.05

Nice table but I don't like how you have to press "P" to power it up. Doesn't work well with an Arcade or Pinball cabinets. 

FIX: Find "constStartOff" in the first part of the script and change to "False". Then it will start with power on.

ander111 on 2012-12-12
Table version : 1.05

Great table. The only thing I don't like is the annoyingly loud, clacky "up flipper" noise... Would you consider toning that down a bit?

BernieGeorge on 2012-12-12
Table version : 1.05

@pilky: Thank you !!!


celenoide on 2012-12-11
Table version : 1.05


Numiah on 2012-12-11
Table version : 1.05

I have no "P" in my cab...

titomartinez on 2012-12-11
Table version : 1.05

Excellent work, lovable table, great update, thanks 




Tonytea1949 on 2012-12-11
Table version : 1.05

Superb gameplayCool but where's the face?Surprised

urielll on 2012-12-11
Table version : 1.05

thx for this update for a great Table!!!

genesislover on 2012-11-06
Table version : 1.04

great table but how come i can´t see her face its just grey :P?

rrosseter on 2012-08-25
Table version : 1.04

Awesome recreation.  A couple tweaks to make it perfect.

- Flipper tuning for the ramp shot like malfusion said.  I don't recall that shot being that hard to line up.

- Balls drop out of the eyes between balls.  I don't recall having to get both eyes on the same ball.

- When extra ball is lit, it doesn't appear to register when it's going down the flipper lanes but did register on the drain lane.

Maybe things like this will inspire me to get more involved in the pinball simulation world as I know you guys put in lots of work to make things look and play the way they do.  I am an old pinball junkie and find this all just absolutely amazing.

police99 on 2012-08-06
Table version : 1.04


imaestro on 2012-05-29
Table version : 1.04

great table


alexsander on 2012-05-27
Table version : 1.04

essa mesa é bem louca bom trabalho vc é 10 !

carburo on 2012-05-25
Table version : 1.04


toyotaboy on 2012-05-23
Table version : 1.04

thank u so much for making this! pinball arcade is good, but this is free :-)

neurofx on 2012-05-18
Table version : 1.04

Table version : 1.04 works fine for me... great job!

domine on 2012-01-04
Table version : 1.03

Like the name " THE MACHINE "


n3X_VI on 2011-12-24
Table version : 1.03

must have!

cloud on 2011-12-02
Table version : 1.03

Me gusta. Me gusta. Me gusta. Me gusta. Me gusta. Me gusta. Me gusta. Me gusta...

...I like it!


pinball666 on 2011-11-06
Table version : 1.03

Cool Nice table

qajaqs on 2011-11-06
Table version : 1.03


malfusion1 on 2011-11-05
Table version : 1.03

Great table.Slam if you ever have a free moment can you check the right flipper strengh and accuracy I am feelin its a bit frustrating for ramp shots-I hope its not just me I will have to go back to pinball school.Just an idea when she comes alive just the heart light beats all other lights are off for the first 10 sec or so.So the focuss is on the 1 heart light, then the other lights come on with the heart.thanx for the update luv it.Cool

rcadefrk on 2011-11-02
Table version : 1.03

Thanks for the mod Slam! Very nice work, for fixes/issues see thread @ gopinball

evilelvis on 2011-11-02
Table version : 1.03

Just amazing.

Atros on 2011-11-01
Table version : 1.03

awesomeness itself !, thx guys, nice teamwork.

MrCreepers on 2011-07-24
Table version : 1.2

Brilliant recreation. You guys did a truly amazing job! Easily the most endlessly replayable FP table in my lot.

soccer king on 2011-02-25
Table version : 1.2

I think this table is the perfect recreation! Brilliant!

settingsons on 2010-12-05
Table version : 1.2


agent57 on 2010-11-29
Table version : 1.2

Let's put it this way - if I had to sell my actual BOP machine, I could live with this recreation. Yeah, it's THAT good.

kin37ik on 2010-11-21
Table version : 1.2

fantatsic table to play, no problems or hiccups of any kind

alex1welsch on 2010-11-12
Table version : 1.2

I played the version from your youtube channel

guren on 2010-11-02
Table version : 1.2

Good job !!!

moog on 2010-10-19
Table version : 1.2

Amazing recreation. Probably the best available so far! Wonderful job, thank you guys.

jimmynesta on 2010-10-12
Table version : 1.2

Working perfect,finally!!!Thank you for recreating this marvellous pinball table.Waiting for more of your good workkkkkk.Cheers mates

BallaBalla on 2010-10-10

So Nice,so Fantastic,I love this Table so much

Jar of Jam on 2010-09-06

All we need now is a working billionaire's mode and animation for the turning head and this table will be perfect. Thanks to every single person who worked on this favorite table of my childhood.

Mickey on 2010-08-18

Just Played this and got over 104 mil, the thing went crazy nice work guys I love this game!

pat75fr on 2010-08-11

C'est pour moi la meilleur table de flipper. Elle est très ludique.
Il y a cependant un problème, la bille peut facilement rester bloquée quand elle passe au dessus du visage de la femme. Il y a un clapet qui permet à la bille d'aller sur le visage ou de continuer sa route, et c'est à cet endroit que la bille reste bloqué quand on lance fort la bille.

PIZZ on 2010-08-10

Nice! You should try creating VP9 tables. I bet you can blow away 95% of the table makers there.

hfawr7a64h on 2010-08-04

Awesome table. Looks fantastic. The ball did get stuck though.

davey400 on 2010-08-04

In my case it starts with: "Pinball Meditation Error" and "Script Error: Line 162".
(so it does not really start...)

edwardecl on 2010-08-04

Just a few issues with the ball getting stuck though and sometimes the game won't start after playing. Oh and the multi ball seems to disable the flippers if any of the balls go out, not sure if it's meant to do that.

But I still like it, one of the better tables, fun to play.

dunker on 2010-08-03

wow this is awesome thanks

Table detail

The Machine: Bride of Pinbot ULTIMATE 1.02 Physics 2.6 stats

byFlash, jc144, Jet082, Larsboy, polygame homepage , SLAMT1LT homepage
TypeRecreation (real pinball)
ManufacturerWilliams Electronic Games, Incorporated, a subsidiary of WMS Ind., Incorporated (1985-1999)
IPDB Number1502

"ULTIMATE" Editions are the very best versions of all my tables. Better than "ULTRA", "GOLD" and "VIP"

** Version 1.01 Ultimate **

Optimized for Physics 2.6


A finished reproduction of the popular 1991 table.

Press 'P' to power the table after loading it.

Ad & FPRelease @ 2006-2013 LvR & TheNalex