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kiarawillson92 on 2018-09-10

Playfiled seems like Pinball of Microsoft Windows XP :) I guess you've used the wrong image :)

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Leosjkler on 2018-04-25

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police99 on 2015-01-26


ghostmachine on 2014-10-09

zen is nice.

JCat on 2014-01-03

These are media packs so you can use your Zen Pinball Tables in HyperPin. You will need to already own Zen Pinball. Hopefully this cleared things up for the brain dead.

eddybertani on 2013-12-22

i would download this table


open6l on 2013-12-20

Wow... the intelligence level of some of the comments here are just unreal.

Maceman on 2013-12-20

These are media files to accompany the cab version of Pinball FX series. Are people really that daft?
Thanx very much open :)

doom625 on 2013-12-20

Aucune des tables propeser par open6l n'est téléchargeable, c'est bien dommage car elles sont superbe

mgpoethe on 2013-12-20

There are just shots... Where are the tables?

Table detail

Zen: V12 stats

TypeRecreation (videogame)
EditorZen Studios

Image: Playfield

Image: Playfield

2015-10-03 stats

Image: DMD

Image: DMD

2015-10-03 stats

Hyperpin: Playfield

Hyperpin: Playfield

2015-10-03 stats

Hyperpin: Backglass

Hyperpin: Backglass

2015-10-03 stats

Hyperpin: Wheel

Hyperpin: Wheel

2015-10-03 stats

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