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oddtoddy on 2020-08-16
Table version : beta HD

This one deserves some love and a little update. Needs a proper DMD!

WalterOlson on 2018-10-05
Table version : beta HD

This is such the great table. I know the guys who do the same for pinball. And you can click for source to discover what they've already created.

kccreatorpinsimdb on 2016-01-25
Table version : beta HD

Try this to get board textures to display properly.  In ->Preferences ->Video/Rendering Options ->Rendering Quality, uncheck Hihg Quality Textures and Use Texture Compression.  That was what I did to get the table and backsplash to display.  Everything wlse was defaulted per Future Pinball from install, after I clicked on the <Maximum> Preset.  So if you want a setup like mine, click Maximum, then uncheck HQ Textures and S3TC.

ryger on 2015-09-13
Table version : beta HD

The playfield image is not visible if i use BAM is normaly displayed with Future pinball.

I tried all the editor option, nothyng changed.

japotaku on 2015-06-20
Table version : beta HD

La tabla lucía muy interesante en las fotos que se publicaron, la verdad es que a mi ni siquiera me carga, le doy a cargar la tabla y me aparece un error de windows  diciendo que "windows dejo de funcionar" y se cierra el future pinball.
Alguien le ha cargado correctamente la tabla. A mi ni eso, no he pasado de la pantalla de carga. 

btilkins on 2015-01-24
Table version : beta HD

Im having the same problem ghostmachine! anyone have any ideas? Help?

Maceman on 2014-10-03
Table version : beta HD

@ envisionedOne: Try these settings which work for me: ON(checked): HQ textures, use texture compression, bilinear, 24 bit; anitropic filtering 6X

OFF(not checked): mirror playfield in ball; ball marks; enable non-power of 2; disable glsl; vertical sync, processor affinity.

Wow. This loads on my laptop(Asus N53V)! I was surprised because many HD tables do not. This looks and plays superb! Bump the slope to 8 seems better on my set-up. An excellent job.Cheers.

envisaged0ne on 2014-10-03
Table version : beta HD

Still having the same problem after I've made sure all the Editor options are unchecked.  Playfield and backglass still won't load

radamantis666 on 2014-10-02
Table version : beta HD

great table man! now that i have this one only "the simpsons pinball party" left to complete my collection

hauntfreaks on 2014-10-01
Table version : beta HD


Make sure in FP under Preferences  - Editor options, make sure that EVERYTHING is UNCHECKED 


ghostmachine on 2014-10-01
Table version : beta HD

the playfield and backglass images don't load ? is this just happening for me ? strange. only does it on this table.

mineiro on 2014-09-30
Table version : beta HD

very good "show de Bola" ....

hotgraphics on 2014-09-30
Table version : beta HD

Ah, my favourite table, at last.

LadyScarlett01 on 2014-09-30
Table version : beta HD

merci bien.

TOMCATTERSF14 on 2014-09-30
Table version : beta HD

Nice recreation!

  I think maybe Fransico666 and rom retired from this? That last batch of tables from them earlier this year were probably the grand finale of tables. Idk thats my guess

Manddrakke on 2014-09-30
Table version : beta HD

big thks

police99 on 2014-09-29
Table version : beta HD


momoch on 2014-09-29
Table version : beta HD

Thanks a lot for this "High Quality" beta.

TripleXXX on 2014-09-29
Table version : beta HD

looks very interesting !!! would be the best table since weeks here !!! where are the expendables = Rom / Francisco666 & Slamtilt ??? i want more of these Arcade Pinballs :-) 

Table detail

Elvira and the Party Monsters beta HD stats

byhauntfreaks, krokofant
TypeRecreation (real pinball)
ManufacturerBally Manufacturing Corporation (1931-1983)
IPDB Number782

"Elvira and the Party Monsters" is a game by Dennis Nordman and is

dated August 1989 (according to the manual).  It is an extremely

humorous, spooky-themed pin, hosted by the "Mistress of the Dark"

herself, Elvira, and her "Party Monster" friends.


If you are unfamiliar with Elvira, she is the alter-ego of Cassandra

Peterson, who rose to fame as a TV hostess of grade-B monster movies

on a local American TV station.  She'd host the showings of the films,

throwing in funny/gruesome comments along the way.  If you never saw

the TV show, you can rent her movie, "Elvira, Mistress of the Dark",

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