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Future Pinball Installation and Alternate Executable Files stats

by GeorgeH
at 2018-01-23


I have noticed that some folks have trouble downloading the Future Pinball installation program from so I am providing an alternate download location here for the most current version. 


I am also providing all the versions of the replacement executable files that have been published.  Each of these have different versions of physics but some also have other features like:


1) Removal of Future Pinball's splash and watermark

2) Removal of the 800 objects limit

3) Better memory management


I have found that all of the replacement executable files are compatible with BAM (Better Arcade Mode).  I have included everything that was included with the original posting.  Several of the versions of physics have more files than just the Future Pinball executable file.  Some of these files may make Future Pinball crash.  For this reason, I recommend that you only use the Future Pinball executable and discard the other files.  I am including everything for those of you that like to experiment but be warned that I have found that the "opengl32.dll" file that is in the Zed versions makes the Future Pinball program crash on my PC. 


If you would like to use one of these executable files, you must first install the Future Pinball program.  Then replace your existing "Future Pinball.exe" file with the new version.  Keep the old one handy in case you don't like the changes so you can swap it back.


These are the different versions of executable files that are included in the download.  Since I have a 64 bit PC, I prefer to use the 64 bit Zed 1.11 executable file because it has the best better memory management.  Most of the guys on the GoPinball forum that replace the executable file, use the 2.6, 2.7 or the Zed 1.11 versions. 








2.5 slamtilt rubbers

2.5 Release 2



Zedpinball Physics v1.0_x32_x64

Zedpinball Physics v1.11_x32_x64


I provide a guide on how to install the Future Pinball program here:


If you use BAM, you can use any executable file but change the default physics by adding a "default.xml" file to your BAM folder.  This allows you to have the benefits of the different features of the different executable files but change the physics to what you prefer.  I described how to add the "default.xml" file along with the directions on how to perform a full installation of BAM here:



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